Friday, October 3, 2008

Dental Liability

We don’t read about dental malpractice as often as medical malpractice, but it does happen. While death during a dental procedure is very rare, there have been reported cases of this occurrence.

So if there is medical malpractice insurance available, it is logical to also have dental liability insurance. Because you’ll never know what the future holds. You surely don’t want to regret not investing in an insurance to protect you in the future.

However, when choosing insurance, you should consider the experience and credibility of the company. One company that offers dental malpractice insurance is Eastern Dentists Insurance Company, (EDIC). It is a company run by dentist so they know and understand how to protect the best interest of dentists.

I especially liked their Lunch-n-Learn Program that helps people to learn from real life dental malpractice cases. EDIC sponsors and hosts this important Lunch-n-Learn series for dental students on real-life dental malpractice cases.

After each case, a discussion follows, providing the audience a chance to discuss the risk management issues involved in each dental liability case. Then, the audience acts as a jury, reaching a verdict on the dental liability insurance case, and awards a judgment, along with a monetary judgment. The audience is then given the real life verdicts and awards.

At the conclusion of the seminar, attendees should learned how errors in record keeping, diagnosis, and treatment planning will affect the claims handling and legal process, and the cost in terms of judgments rendered against dentists through the discussion of real life dental malpractice case examples. Visit their website for more information about their services.

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