Saturday, February 14, 2009

41st Wedding Anniversary.

Last Valentine’s Day also marks the 41st Wedding Anniversary of my parents. So instead of planning a lavish date for me and Donna, we travel to Bulacan to celebrate with my parents. We had a simple get-together with only us, their children and a couple of relatives.

Well, 41 years is not a joke. It’s definitely a milestone especially during these days when there’s an easier way out for couples who can no longer endure each other. Yes, divorce and annulment have become popular these days. And for couples who doesn’t need a man-made form of separation, the death of the other half can also be a factor. So, we are just grateful that our parents have reached this stage in their marriage.

It was Valentine’s Day 41 years ago when my parents made their marriage vows in a simple ceremony in a simple church in Navotas. It was a union of two different cultures. My mother was from Samar and my father was from Ilocos. The marriage did not go smoothly, they had to face different challenges, and they had to weather storms. Poverty for one has always been an avid companion. My father even had to work abroad for a couple of years and my mother was left amidst rumormongers. Their love for each other was able to conquer distance and all the challenges.

Their secret? They don’t have any, at least that’s what they said. But from my viewpoint, I believe that the key ingredient to their marriage is respect. They focus on their love for each other. No matter what people say, they remain steadfast with their marriage vows.

Yes, their marriage was not a walk in the park. Looking back in the years that I become a witness in their relationship, I can’t help but to be proud that they are my parents.

Happy Anniversary, tatay and money!

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Shawie said...

oh, that's very thoughtful of you guys:) more bliss for your parents:)


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