Saturday, February 21, 2009

My 282nd post.

A few days ago, one of my officemates was asking me about starting a blog. I told her that it is easy to start a blog and it’s practically free (using Blogger). However, it will take a lot of patience and motivation to continue writing especially if she intends to monetize her blog in the future. (I jokingly reminded her not to write posts while she’s at work. Some offices do not allow this and employees have to resort to proxy servers for them to be able to browse non-work related sites.)

I was suddenly reminded that my blog is now on its 9th month. Indeed, time flies so fast. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that this is now my 282nd post and my 2 blogs have already made a couple of hundred dollars. Not bad, considering that I am doing this in my free time.

Blogging will not make you an instant millionaire. My blog was already 4 months old, with decent traffic and a Pagerank of 3, when I first made my first 10 dollar sponsored post. And just to set your expectations, if you intend to make money through sponsored posts, it’s not everyday that you will get a $10 opportunity, some will just give you $5. At times, there are no opportunities available.

I am investing time and effort on this endeavor, but what matters most is I am enjoying every moment of it. Working on this blog is not really work for me; this is my way of relaxing.

I promised my officemate to write more about my experiences when I was starting this blog so other people who want to start blogging can learn from it. So, expect more posts about blogging in the future.

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