Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Entrecard droppers.

I just acquired a new widget on my sidebar. Yes, I now have a widget for the top Entrecard droppers on this blog. This is just a small token of appreciation to my fellow bloggers who kept on visiting this blog to drop their Entrecards. There are times when I may not be able to return the visit because of time constraint but I can at least link back to them using this widget.

Leading the pack of Top Droppers is BMWF1Blog who dropped 31. Beyond Left Field dropped 26. My Life’s Adventure, Symphony of Love and Walking Newspaper all dropped 24.

Here are the Top 10 droppers:


GAGAY said...

whew! good that you're having a gadget of your EC dropper..and am there! hahaha!

Gagay, MD

randy bragg said...

Do you want to have more time to visit other peoples sites to read their articles, increase traffic which brings mass drops on your site, I have a system that I made that makes it easy to drop entrecards in 15 minutes or less. Go to and you will see. I am trying to help people get credits so they can advertise on other peoples sites. Good luck.


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