Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to my custom domain: leomarsden.com!

It was done on impulse. I don’t know what hit me when I suddenly clicked on the Switch to Custom Domain link in my Blogger dashboard. Then I worked on the Buy a Domain for your Blog with Donna’s credit card. This was almost 3 weeks ago.

I thought it would be an easy process but I was wrong. It’s not all Blogger’s fault though. Donna’s credit card encountered problems so even if the order was completed, it didn’t push through. I was not informed about the problem so I just assumed that my blog is already in transition to the new domain. I was not able to access my blog for a couple of days, my blog was missing.

I seek Blogger’s help, I sent them emails and I frequented forums on how to resolve the problem. I encountered “error 404” and “can not find server” error messages. It was very frustrating. I started to get acquainted with DNS settings, CNAME and to Google Apps.

It was over a week when I received an email from Blogger informing me that the order was on hold because of an issue with the Credit Card that I used. Had they notified me earlier, I should have been spared of a lot of inconveniences and frustration. I had to use a new VISA card to complete the order. After a couple of hours, I then receive an email from Google Apps with the subject: Google Apps -- Domain registration confirmation. I thought my problems were over. But I was wrong.

I instantly created an account with Google Apps, I tried to update my blog so I could post using my new domain but I was surprised to get another error message: Another Blog has already hosted at this address. I tried to follow the steps from different forums but the link below has helped me tremendously:


It was not an instant fix, though. I needed to wait for about 3 days to clear the error. In fact, it only worked about an hour ago when I checked this blog after I got home from another stressful day at the office. It made my day complete.

So here it is, welcome to my new home!


Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

congrats for ur new domain

GAGAY said...

whew! congratulations that you got now your own domain!

happy blogging!


Tey said...

congrats to your new custome domain. Thanks for the visit my friend
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