Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blogging Again

November proves to be a good month for me. Well, every month should be depending on how you chose to look at it. But this month has proven to be my most productive month so far. We’re already halfway through the month and I have managed to keep this blog active again.

As if this is not enough, I have started another blog in Filipino. I’m on a roll! If you're thinking that I'm now blogging full time. No, I still have my day job. Nothing has changed, actually, except for the ease on my work load. Suffice it to say that I now have enough time to write posts for my blogs. I am still trying to find time to do blog hopping and some other online activities to promote my blog but I hope that it will come in time.

I’m still thankful that even after months of absence in the blogosphere, I still see hundreds of visitors dropping by, visiting my blog. This serves as my motivation to continue blogging. I want them to see new updates when they visit this blog.

A few friends and readers called my attention about an issue that they have encountered when they tried to visit this blog. They said that a message is coming up that this blog or at least a component of this blog is suspected to be infected by malware. I looked at the message and the link points to the blog of the person who designed my custom template. I tried to visit her blogs hoping that I could leave a comment but all her blogs are coming up with the same warning: that the blogs are reported to be virus attack pages. I still plan to notify her of the error with her blogs in case she is still active. But I have decided to do a major makeover on this blog. I’m still looking for a suitable template but none has caught my fancy yet. I’ll keep looking though. It would really be sad to say goodbye to this template that I have kept for almost two years.

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