Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited: Update 11/19/2011

Unlimited twists and surprises marked last night’s episode of the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited. The fate of the 3G’s and Power Strangers, the results of their weekly tasks and a glimpse of the new PBB house were among the highlights of this Saturday’s edition.

After 1 week in the Big Brother house, the fate of the “3G’s” and the “Power Strangers” were revealed last night. Of the 3 Power Strangers, only Reg earned the right to be declared as an official housemate after the other two failed in their task of hiding their faces to the other housemates.

Meanwhile, the 3G’s were successful in urging the male housemates to choose them over the other female UnliNight housemates. The majority of the male housemates voted to let go of Wendy, Diane and Joya in favor of the 3G’s. However, Big Brother announced that not all of the male housemates voted for the 3G’s to stay. Since this is the case, Big Brother declared that only 1 of the 3G’s will earn the right to become an official housemate. And the other female housemates will decide who among the 3G’s will stay.

Another big surprise that was revealed last night was when a new house was shown. The three UnliNight housemates that were voted out of “Looban” were transferred to a beautiful and elegant house, much like the other PBB houses in previous seasons. The three ladies were overjoyed when they saw the house. A sumptuous meal was also prepared for the three ladies who can’t help but to think of the other housemates that they left at the Looban.

As for their weekly tasks, the UnliDay housemates failed in the Tower of Card task. Their task was to build a tower of cards as high as the tallest among the group which is Seichi. Earlier, Seichi was tasked and succeeded to act and dress as a baby in exchange of a platform where they will put the tower of cards. However, even with the platform and a change of strategy, the UnliDay housemates failed in their task as the cards crumbled in the last minute.

Just before the show ends, Seichi and Jaz were called into the confession room and Kuya announced that they will need to leave the house and they are now officially UnliNight housemates. Obviously, the two housemates were surprised. Will they be transferred to the new house? Or will they be returned to the “Looban.” Who among the 3G’s will be chosen as an official housemate? All of these plus the first nomination will be revealed tomorrow night.

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