Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A new blog: Blog Blagan

As if my hands were not yet full with two English blogs, I recently started a Filipino blog on a different platform. Yup, this is my second attempt to blog in the vernacular and my first attempt to use Wordpress as the platform. (Don’t ask me which is the better platform. It’s too early for that.)

I started the blog called ”Blog Blagan” barely two weeks ago and it now has 9 posts! The name doesn’t have a direct translation but it is a play on the words “blog” for web log and “blag” which is the sound created when something was dropped. Anyway, I should say that it is a more personal blog about my thoughts on mundane things, which can turn out to be serious or funny. Consider it to be the expression of the wild side of me.

If you can understand Filipino or Tagalog and you have time to waste, feel free to visit ”Blog Blagan.” If you have good words to say about the new blog, please let me know. If you don’t like what you see or read, then forget about it, lols. Kidding aside, constructive criticisms are always welcome on all of my blogs.


betchai said...

I am finally able to open your blog Leomar, had been trying before, but each time I click your blog, I get warning and my computer won't open, am glad that this time, it allowed me to. more power to your new blog.

Leomar said...

Hi Betchai... It's good to see you here. Yes, I did make some changes on the blog template since I was informed by some friends and visitors that they are getting a warning when loading this page.

Davao Flowers said...

(Don’t ask me which is the better platform. It’s too early for that.)

IMO, i love wordpress better!
Let's go blogging.

Good read,


Davao Flowers said...


You should love wordpress, its definitely more versatile that the blogger platform. regards


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