Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited: Update

True to its promise, Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited continues to entertain viewers with its unlimited twists and surprises. Last night marked the announcement of the results of the housemates’ weekly tasks and week-long tasks. Big Brother has also cooked a new twist as the show revealed the “3G’s” and the “Power Strangers” which will enter the UnliNight and UnliDay houses respectively.

The weekly task of the UnliDay housemates involves origami or the Japanese art of paper folding and their task is to memorize all the paper designs so that when Kuya picks any of them randomly, they will be able to do the chosen design. They even got plus 2 points as they successfully completed the noodle slurping task. In the end, they got 17 out of the 20 designs and Big Brother announced that they won the weekly task and they will receive 100% of their weekly budget.

Meanwhile, the UnliNight housemates were equally successful as they completed their week-long task which is to perform pole dancing and to be able to stay on top of the pole for 2 minutes. Tol had difficulty staying on the pole but he was able to complete the task anyway. As a result, they will enjoy unlimited water supply for next week! Their weekly task was also successful. Thanks to Casey’s efforts. She was able to complete the fake ritual with her recruits without the other housemates noticing what was going on. Since Big Brother announced that they won the weekly task, they will have ample supply of food for next week.

One of the highlights of last night’s episode is the introduction of the “3G’s” and the “Power Strangers” who are out to enter the two houses. The 6 were taken from the 30 reserved housemates which were shown during the opening of the show. Their identities were not yet revealed although audiences were given a glimpse of their backgrounds. The 3G’s were presented in silhouette while the Power Strangers were in masks. The “3G's” will enter the “Looban” and mingle with the UnliNight Housemates while the "Power Strangers" will join the UnliDay housemates.

Because of his decision not to pursue with his task, Slater Young was given an automatic nomination by Big Brother. He was made to read the PBB rule book where it clearly states that all housemates should participate and follow all the tasks given by Big Brother and failure to comply would mean consequences or punishments. Aside from the automatic nomination, Slater was also tasked to help the “3G's” on their task of convincing the other male housemates that they should stay inside the house. If the “3G's” are successful, he will also choose a female housemate which will need to leave the “Looban.”

The 3G's were introduced as:
- Pretty Miss Perfect ng Nueva Ecija
- Sexy Single Mommy ng Pampanga
- Independent Woman ng Sampaloc

The Power Strangers:
- Astiging Kenkoy ng Paranaque
- Pilyong Rakitero ng QC
- Poging Petics ng La Union

Will they be successful with these tasks? Will they go along well with the official housemates?

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