Friday, November 4, 2011

Thank God it’s Friday!


Friday has become my favorite day of the week. And since today is Friday I am naturally in a lighter mood. Friday is the last day of our work week and it is during this day when I don’t have to endure so much unnecessary stress and pressure from work.

Somehow, I have come to associate Fridays with fun. It is during Fridays when we usually go out and have fun with friends and colleagues. Perhaps this is because Saturdays and Sundays are my rest days so it is okay to stay out late since there will be no need to wake up early in the morning.

If you are like me who dreaded Mondays (the first day of work) then perhaps you will understand how I appreciate the ease and relief that I felt during Fridays.

When I was still active with my blogging activities and with my BloggingForFun group, we used to have an activity we called Fun Friday when all members write about a particular topic or theme. It was indeed a fun activity that induces our creativity and writing abilities. I missed those days…

Of course, some people tend to regard Friday as an unlucky day. Some would never go out of their houses and I know people who would postpone their activities during Friday the 13th. Our family has our own share of superstitions. I grew up on a family who doesn’t even allow children to take a bath or clip our fingernails, not even play during Good Fridays because of the assumption that Jesus died on this day and no one is there to protect us. But these are all superstitious beliefs. I really don’t believe that God will create an unlucky day for us.

Well, everyday can be a good or a bad day depending on how you want to live it. I believe that every day is a gift from God so we should make that most of it. We should not waste our time wallowing in fear. We should instead use every day to reach for our dreams and aspiration and to fulfill God's plan for us.

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