Friday, April 27, 2012

The Avengers movie experience

I entered the theater showing The Avengers last Wednesday without any expectations. I wanted to relax and enjoy the movie, that's all. And enjoy, I did. I actually had fun watching the movie for the last two hours and twenty minutes. I laughed at the quick-witted dialogues of Robert Downey Jr. (playing Ironman) and Mark Ruffalo (now playing The Hulk). I guffawed on the unexpected comic relief provided by the characters. And after the screening, I saw myself applauding together with the other viewers who were entertained on what I think was one of the best Marvel movies ever created.

It was the first time that I have dared to watch a movie on its first day of showing. As expected, there was a long queue at the ticketing booth although almost all the cinemas were showing the same movie.

The story started pretty slow, the build-up was a bit dreary on the first half. But the plot thickens on the second half.

Okay, so the story goes like this. SHIELD, the secret military intelligence agency headed by Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) was experimenting on a cosmic cube called Tessarect when it suddenly became unstable. While Fury and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner, yes, The Bourne Legacy star) are trying to figure out the problem, the Tessarect opens a portal out of which appears Thor’s half-brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

Loki escapes with the Tessarect and destroyed the SHIELD headquarters. He even put a spell on Hawkeye and some scientists to control them and help him open a portal to usher his evil army on Earth.

Out of options, Fury decides to get his Avengers plan into action by assembling some of the most remarkable superheroes on Earth to save the day. It turns out that Black Window (Scarlett Johansson) is on a Russian mission and Bruce Banner (now being played by Mark Ruffalo) is in Calcutta. Captain America (Chris Evans) was just recently revived from the frozen state that he was in. Ironman and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) are minding their own business.

How will Fury convince these egocentric heroes to fight for his cause? Will the heroes manage to put aside their differences and work together? Of course, you will have to watch the film to know the answers these questions.

Credit should go to the brilliance of the director Josh Whedon and the scriptwriters for putting these super heroes in this film together. And they did a fantastic job in making sure that the heroes are given equal screen space and smart dialogues. All the heroes were given enough importance and highlights, even the characters who have not yet starred in a solo movie like Black Widow and Hawkeye were given a backstory to reckon with.

The dialogues are quick-witted and funny which is a relief especially when watching a movie pulsating with action and excitement such as this. Not only the dialogues, but some of the actions and sequences are funny.

Did I already mention that the film's special effects are splendid? Well, expect a lot of the cinematic effects that may just blow your mind. Buildings being leveled to the ground, smacking action sequences. There’s a lot of destruction in this movie and some are even on the busy streets of Manhattan. It's like watching the last installment of “The Transformers” but this time with superheroes not robots saving the day. There was one particular scene that became indelible in my mind, when all the heroes shared the same frame posing for battle. It was a scene that you'll probably won't see for a long time.

The actors all played well. Ruffalo was a revelation playing the hulk effortlessly. Downey Jr. added a little humor and depth to the character of Ironman. Evans and Helmsworth are also okay.

However, don't expect anything great about the plot. There's really nothing more that you can do about it. There also scenes and sequences which seem forced like the special moments between Hawkeye and Black Widow. Nonetheless, all of these added color and depth to the story.

Watch or Not? This is definitely a must-see movie for all action and comic book fanatics. If you just need to enjoy, relax and watch a good movie, then you'll never go wrong with this one. Don't miss this epic action extravaganza!

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