Thursday, April 26, 2012

Filipina Janitress turns over P1.2M found at the airport

About two weeks ago, I posted on this blog an exemplary deed of a Baguio cab driver who returned P340k that was left in his taxi by a Canadian citizen. I have never doubted the inherent goodness in the hearts of the Filipino people despite all the hardships that we’re going through. Filipinos do good and heroic things every day without expecting recognition or 15 minutes of fame. It is even unfortunate that some media organizations glorify negative publicity.

Another news article from the captured my attention this morning. It is another testament to the Filipinos inherent goodness. The news is about a 32-year-old janitress working at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 who surrendered an estimated P1.2 million worth of foreign currency left by a passenger.

Based on the report, the name of the janitress is Mary Jane Doroga. She was cleaning the Customs arrival area at NAIA Terminal 1 when she found a transparent plastic pouch containing a wallet and several pieces of foreign bills. She immediately sought help of the duty customs supervisor, Ric Dizon, to help identify the owner. Then after waiting for more than 30 minutes, they decided to turn over the money to the lost and found section of the airport.

Airport authorities estimated the value of the case at P1.2 million.

The report added: “Doroga admitted that she has financial problems. She is only paid a minimum salary of P400 per pay day but it never crossed her mind to keep the money for herself.”

The pouch has yet to be claimed by its owner and is now in the custody of airport police.

This exemplary display of honesty and dedication should be recognized and commended by the airport officials.

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Henry said...

For the sake of my name and job, I will also do the same. ^_^


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