Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baguio Cab Driver Returns P340K to Canadian

Honesty is still the best policy. And I believe that this basic Filipino trait is still inherent in most Filipinos despite all the odds.

A news report from the abs-cbnnews.com struck me as I wade through the many negative news and scandals online in search for good news that I can share on this blog. It was a report about a cab driver in Baguio City who returned a large amount of money that one of his passengers left in his taxi last Saturday.

Hector Valdo only earns P500 a day and the C$8,000 or P343,654 that was left inside his taxi would really go a long way but this did not stop him from returning the money to Canadian citizen Dina Dio.

Valdo reportedly found the Canadian’s wallet inside his taxi at around 5pm last Saturday and he immediately called the number he found inside the wallet.

He said that he did not even think of keeping the money as he is afraid of karma.

Based on the news report, the Canadian hugged the driver tightly when the wallet was returned last Sunday.

Valdo was a resident of Barangay Irisan. His wife works as a stay-out maid while his eldest son is in college through a sports scholarship.

He said that he was not expecting anything in return for his good deed.

Kudos to this fellow Pinoy! May your tribe increase, sir!

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Anonymous said...

this post made my day! there are a lot of bad things happening these days and to read something like this one made me happy... something to be proud of being pinoy and i'm from baguio as well, igorota!!! :)


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