Friday, April 20, 2012

Be part of my new Blog Roll!

When I was just starting my blogging journey a few years ago, I met a couple of bloggers who have helped me learn so many things about the wonders of blogging. As a newbie, I learned from them how to drive traffic to my blog, how to improve my page rank and so many other things. These friends supported me by commenting on my posts and I did the same thing. We exchanged links. I used to have a long blog roll dedicated for fellow bloggers and friends.

However, these friends have moved on. Most of them are no longer blogging hence their links no longer work or their blogs are no longer updated. Indeed, friends come and go.

So I guess it’s time to rebuild my Blog Roll. I have been receiving a couple of emails and requests for link exchange but I was just too lazy to work on them. But I already put this task on my to-do-list so it will be accomplished anytime soon. 

If you want to be part of my new blog roll and exchange link with me, kindly add my link on your blog and comment on this blog post. It will be greatly appreciated. Rest assured, you will be added to my new blog list. 

If you used to be part of my blog roll and you still want your link in here, just buzz me so I can include you on the new list.
Have a great weekend to everyone!


betchai said...

Hi Leomar, I am glad to see the comments section here back, for a long while, each time I wanted to leave comment, I can't. Perhaps that is the reason why for a long while also, I may have forgotten to come visit here. But I never removed you from my blogroll :) You are one of the treasured early blogging friends I found in the net when I was also just starting. Sorry I deleted my old FB account, I started a new one, but could not search for you anymore.

Thanks for stopping at my site. Miss you.

Mar said...

Hi, Betchai. I miss you too! It's good to be back!


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