Monday, April 16, 2012

Filipino Priest won an International Environmental Prize

A Filipino Catholic priest from Mindoro was named as one of the recipients of the 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize. Fr. Edwin Gariguez is one of the 6 winners worldwide who were recognized for their efforts in protecting the environment.

According to the foundation’s website, Fr. Gariguez also known as Father Edu led a grassroots movement against an open-pit nickel mine in Mindoro to protect the community’s indigenous people and the island’s biodiversity. He co-founded the Alliance Against Mining (ALAMIN), a broad coalition of Mindoro residents, elected officials, civil society groups, church leaders and indigenous peoples who oppose mining on the island.

“Uniting thousands of indigenous people, farmers and local and provincial political leaders, Gariguez and his ALAMIN coalition led Mindoro communities in numerous protests. Undeterred by threats of violence and verbal harassment from mining officials and the military—and reeling through the loss of a colleague at ALAMIN who was murdered because of his activism—Father Edu went on to broaden the grassroots movement beyond Mindoro,” the Goldman Environmental Foundation said.

The Goldman Environmental Prize, now in its 23rd year, is awarded annually to grassroots environmental heroes from each of the world's 6 inhabited continental regions. It is considered as the largest award for grassroots activism with an individual cash prize of US $150,000.

The other winners are from Kenya, China, Russia, USA and Argentina.

For more information about the foundation and the recipients, you can visit this link.

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