Monday, August 25, 2008

Alleged audio recording of Winston Garcia.

This is a deviation from the original theme of this blog and I apologize that I can not help myself from putting this video on these pages. I have always envisioned this blog to live up to its slogan: to celebrate Filipino pride. And this video will surely not help boost our pride as a Filipino. But I hope that this will serve as an eye-opener to us who opted not to accept the reality: that there are problems that need to be resolve and that we need to do our part to bring about change.

I don’t know where this video came from (or who put this into YouTube), I’m not even discounting the possibility that this was fabricated. But we know in ourselves that somehow, there’s a tinge of reality in these words.

This is an audio recording of an alleged GSIS President Winston Garcia where he purportedly remarked that Meralco should resort to extra-judicial means to win its court cases just like other big companies and that they should take advantage of the corrupt courts. To think that this statement came from a government official is alarming especially as this is the same person who is doing his best to take control of a private company that is vital to the country.

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