Monday, August 18, 2008

I Get Robbed.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on this blog about the series of unfortunate events that has happened to me recently. I thought I already saw the end of it, I’ve never been so sad to be proven wrong…

Donna and I thought it was just an ordinary day that was about to end. We got home from another stressful day at the office and we’re just happy to enter our new apartment to rest.

The house was just how we left it, the door was locked; and I used the key to open it. The living room was still cluttered with our things, nothing unusual.

Donna then, started to look for her cell phone; both of us left our phones when he hurried to the office that morning. She complained that she can’t find it; I began to sense that something was wrong. Our cell phones were definitely in our room where we left it but she said they were nowhere to be found.

My fear was confirmed when I entered the room, the usual clutter of clothes and other things were still there; but what she hadn’t noticed was the cabinets on top of our bed were all opened. It looks like somebody was looking for something.

Whoever it was, found not only our cell phones but also my precious Kodak EasyShare V1253 digital camera. Nothing else was missing. It appeared that the culprit was looking for things that can be put in pockets. It made sense since we’re living in a compound of apartments and anybody carrying televisions or refrigerators out of an apartment would be too noticeable.

We can only guess that the burglar entered the house through the front door as there was no forcible entry anywhere in the house.

I felt bad about losing the camera as it was given to me by the company; it was worth two years of dedication and service.

I can only hope that whoever got it will put the proceeds to good use this time.

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