Friday, August 29, 2008

Review a site or blog now.

I was looking for a website where I can see updated traffic stats, page rank, alexa rank, link stats, and more for my blog when I stumbled upon TalkReviews. It doesn’t only give you your blog’s statistics but it will also allow you to review other blogs.

Finally, this is the place where internet users can praise or criticize websites and recount their experiences with the websites that they have visited. And webmasters in return, can also view the user generated Web Site Reviews for their site. Who knows? They may pick up a good suggestion to improve their site or blogs.

You can also view on TalkReviews, the Top Websites and other categories like Shopping/ Retail Websites, Arts/ Entertainment Websites, News/ Information Websites, Kids Websites, Sports Websites and Travel Websites.

So if you have something to say about your most visited website or blog, go to TalkReviews, register as a member and start posting your reviews.

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