Monday, August 18, 2008

PDA season 2 9th Gala Performance Night videos.

Me and my girlfriend are hooked with the Pinoy Dream Academy season 2. Every Saturday nights, we are glued to the Television to watch the performances of the scholars. And just lately, we started recording their performances on our computer.

I personally like the voices of Liezel and Bugoy, they have great talents in not so pretty faces. My girlfriend is rooting for Laarni, I don’t know why. Lol.

By the way, I added a poll on the side bar of this blog about the Pinoy Dream Academy. You can vote for your favorite scholars if you think they deserve to become the Star Dreamer.

For those who missed the 9th Gala Performance Night, you can view the performances of your favorite scholars from the links below:

Laarni and Bugoy

Van and Poy

Miguel and Liezel

Sen and Bunny


anneberly said...

I envy you for the time your spend watching pinoy movies.. Missing Pinas so much
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Anonymous said...

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Cidy said...

i enjoy watching PDA as bet are Laarni, bugoy an Liezel

Nancy said...

Hi..returning the favor here...thanks for the constant visit.

Can't seem to access your cbox...if you may take a look...

Have a wonderful Thursday!


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