Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Frisky.

I usually shy away from websites that has sex and dating as the central theme as I found the topic too sensitive. But then I realize that not all these websites are done in bad taste. A few are even good and entertaining. And it’s not all about sex and dating, topics are informative and in-depth.

I stumbled upon one website that is worth sharing. “The Frisky” ( a daily romp on the sexy side) is a website that puts modern dating, sex and relationships into an all new dimension. To top it all, it also features celebrity gossip and all that yummy stuff. It’s like reading your favorite men’s magazine at the comfort of your computer. LOL.

The Frisky also features Relationship Advice aside from sections on other topics like News and Culture, Celebrity, Food and Travel, Health and Beauty,. One particular section that draws my attention is the Sex Advice Column. Not that I personally need advice on this topic but it’s quite enjoyable to read the posts.

Another section that you should check out especially for women is the Hot Guys section. It features (of course!) hot guys and handsome hunks. Isn’t it nice for men as well to know what women consider as “hot” these days?

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