Friday, April 3, 2009

Entrecard new drop list, join now!

I have been an Entrecard member for a couple of months now and I have been receiving quite a portion of this blog’s traffic from fellow EC droppers. When time permits, I always make sure to drop back to those who dropped their EC on this blog. However, I only average about 100 or so drops every day and there were days that I fail to drop cards.

I take my hat off to people who consistently drop EC cards reaching 300 drops a day! One of these droppers is Big Daddy Richard. When I visited his blog Trader’s Hub this morning, he came out with a brilliant idea. He put up a list of Entrecarders to start a link building network that has the potential of improving backlinks, Technorati Authority and Pagerank. He is hoping that the list will grow to 400 or more participating sites so he can put it in a scrolling widget.

This blog is on number 177. Many thanks to Daddy Richard for adding this blog to the list!

If you want to join, visit Trader’s Hub, comment on the blog post so your blog can be added to the list then copy and paste the code on your blog. It’s as simple as that!

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