Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good news and bad news.

Life is really full of surprises. You win some, you lose some. You can never have it all. This is the thought that struck me after a series of events on a rather humdrum day at the office today.

I was on my workstation minding my own business, trying to keep my sanity while my face is glued to my computer monitor, when one of my colleagues called my attention and told me that yesterday she heard a DJ (disc jockey) of a local FM radio station (94.7 MHz) talking about a “cool blog” that she visited recently. Of course, she instantly caught my attention. Trying very hard to hide my excitement, I fished for more information. I wanted to know if it was indeed my blog that was mentioned by the DJ. If true, then this was a very much welcome news. My head spinning, I asked myself, will this be the start of my fame? lol. My co-worker said that the DJ referred to the blog as “Leomar’s Den”. Unconvinced, I googled “Leomar’s Den” and this is the only blog that popped out.

It would have been better if she at least, left a note here if she indeed visited this site. I am not sure. But if indeed, this humble blog was mentioned in passing, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

Okay, that was the good one. So I went back to face my monitor smiling and with renewed zest to work. Then, after a couple of minutes, I received an instant message from my girlfriend who was at home. I was eager to tell her the good news but she beat me to it with her own news, which turns out to be a bad one. She said she lost her wallet with her Nokia N95 cellphone while inside a bank (and the bank is even in a mall) in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. I asked her to deposit money to the bank. She was able to deposit the money but when she checked her bag, her wallet and the cellphone are no longer there. What made it worse was, my ATM card for my payroll account was also in her wallet. I was even expecting my salary today or tomorrow! But without an ATM card, it will need to wait until I have the time to visit the bank.

Well, my girlfriend felt bad about it. She just lost her cellphone, money and whatever was inside her wallet. But there’s no use fixing the blame. I consoled her that, what was done is done and I doubt if we can still take back what she lost even if she has requested from the bank to review the CCTV video inside the bank’s premises. Those were just money that we can still earn and things that we can still buy. No big deal!

So there you go. I wished I was given enough time to relish the good news that I received first before I was slapped with a bad one. But that’s life; there are temporary setbacks that we must face. We win some, we lose some. It is up to us to decide which will have a greater impact on our everyday lives. Should we focus on winning or should we take our temporary defeat seriously and retreat without dignity. I would rather take the bright side of things and prepare for the challenges ahead. Anyway, I have too many blessings to count and to thank God for. Those are good news!


Wiggy said...

Wow! If it's true congrats on the live on air plug of your blog :D

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Melissa said...

I am so sorry to hear about your girlfriends loss. Maybe it will work out ok. Congrats on your good news, though.

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Anne said...

I hope the on-air plug was true that would be really awesome. Sorry to hear about the wallet, phone and your ATM card. That can certainly ruin your day.

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femmepower said...

how frustrating the bank's security is.that was really devastating.anyway,what's important is that your gf wasn't,you're on your way to fame,eh?congrats!

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Karen said...

I hope the bank CCTV captured the suspect. Shame on those people who do bad deeds to others.

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BK said...

Yes, you are right to a large extend; we win some, we lose some in life. It is really cool if your blog is really mentioned in the radio and sorry to hear about your girlfriend loses. Then again, like you said it, those things can be earned and bought again.

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Online Diva said...

I hope you get your pay real soon. By the way, how long will you have to wait for you to get your new atm card?

Call Center Gal said...

Things like that happen. Yes, you win some, you lose some. Let's just celebrate on the fact that someone found your blog. :) That's really something for bloggers like us right? :)

Have a great day!

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Badong said...

bad, bad news. anyway, just concentrate on the good one. btw, congratulations! it was indeed a very pleasant surprise. sikat ka na! hehe

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Lynn said...

sorry to hear the bad news. Hope you get everything replaced and straightened out. The good news is awesome. Congrats!

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betchai said...

congratulations on the good news, that is exciting, wow, you are on your way to fame. am sorry to hear about your bad news though, but am glad with the positive outlook you are taking it.

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LeoMar said...

Thank you very much for your comments, guys.

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LeoMar said...

Hi, online diva. I haven't applied for a new ATM card yet. I still don't have time. when my shift at my work ends, the banks are already closed.

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Eddie Garcia said...

Hate to hear of your misfortune my friend but I agree that setbacks pave the way for comebacks and I know you are not a quitter. You handled the situation like a true gentleman and I know it gave great relief to your girlfriend. We all have too many blessings to count to allow something like this to get us down. Congrats on the radio mention. Too Cool!!!!

Friends 4 Life!

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