Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On Blogging and Politics

It was another day at the office and since we just came back from a four-day vacation, it was a rather busy day. I didn’t even manage to open my blog or check my web mail. It is a good thing that there’s something that I can look forward to after a stressful day at the office: I can visit my favorite blogs and write new posts for my blogs. This has become a daily routine for me: working and then blogging. I don’t know if this is a good thing since some people think this is becoming monotonous. Should I think of some other activities to do? I don’t know, but I’m still enjoying what I am doing.

On my way home from the office, I noticed several streamers and posters displaying the annoying faces of different politicians. It’s funny how these so-called public servants suddenly become visible when the election is fast-approaching. They boast of different projects and activities just to have their names and faces plastered on these streamers. Even occasions as trivial as graduations or Valentine's day were not spared by these politicians. You may think that the campaign period has finally started but not quite, the Philippine election has been set next year. Technically, these people are not violating electoral laws since they have not yet filed for their candidacy so they are not yet official candidates but not in the spirit of fair play. Things like this can lead us to question their motives.

Anyway, these are just my observations. I just hope that the Filipino voters have matured and have learned from their mistakes in the past. This country deserves better leaders… and better electorate.


melissa said...

Well I sure hope you do not quit blogging, it is too much fun. As for politicians, it is hopeless to think any of them have any agenda other than their own. I can not honestly say there is one I trust what they say.

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Mar Matthias Darin said...

I have to agree with the previous commenter... All politicians are greedy s.o.b.s that care only for themselves.

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Eddie Garcia said...

It is good to have you back in the saddle Leo. I think it is important that we write about the things that interest us and are a part of our lives. Everyone is not going to agree with us all the time anyways, so just do your thing.

As for politicians, I was hoping there was hope in other parts of the world since we have gone to pot in America. I wish there were positive comments to make about people who choose politics as there careers, but my momma told me many years ago, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I will stop with that statement.

Friends 4 Life!

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Betchai said...

oh, i enjoy blogging too and meeting new friends, and i think as long as we enjoy doing it, and it is not dominating all our lives, then, we are okay. life for me is work....play (meaning enjoy the great outdoors)....and blog, hehehe.

hope all is well. i really have nothing to say about the politicians.

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Femmepower said...

ey, i hope you don't stop blogging.to me,it releases stress and keeps me sane.i hope it does a lot of positive wonders for you too.
as to Phil politics, we share the same views.maybe there are politicians out there who are true to their words but a lot of them are blatantly abusive.so sad, only here in the Phil do you see a convicted child rapist still manage to get elected as a congressman while in jail.now,he's a free man. whew.

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LeoMar said...

I certainly will not quit blogging, Melissa. At one point, I even considered quitting my day job so i can devote more time blogging. I just thought it's not wise to lose my main source of income during these trying times.

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LeoMar said...

I think the main reason why some people are in politics is because of greed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mar.

Recent blog post: On Blogging and Politics

LeoMar said...

Your momma is a wise lady, Eddie. Thanks for dropping by.

Recent blog post: On Blogging and Politics

LeoMar said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Betchai. I also love meeting new friends... btw, i love the outdoor photos on your blog.

Recent blog post: On Blogging and Politics

LeoMar said...

Blogging really does positive wonders for me. As for your thoughts on Philippine politics, i totally agree. I can only hope that things will get better here.

Recent blog post: On Blogging and Politics


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