Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun Friday - Five Things About Me

As the old cliché goes, it is better late than never. As you can see, this post is intended for a Friday but due to geographical and time differences with my Blogging For Fun group mates, I was not able to post this on a Friday as their Friday is already Saturday here in the Philippines. Anyway, here is the group’s first activity, a weekly theme called Fun Friday.

Here are the 5 things about me:

1. I am still single but I currently have a girlfriend. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now. Her name is Donna but you can call her sexy too, lol.

2. I fear public speaking. When I was still a student, I always had butterflies in the stomach when I was called to speak in front of the class especially if I didn't do my assignments or I wasn't paying attention to the discussion.

3. I’m working in a call center in the Philippines and I’ve been with this company for 2 ½ years. Do I love my work? Hmm, let's move on to number 4.

4. When I was in college, I joined a youth activist group. I participated in rallies and protests against the government’s policies and actions. I still criticize the government from time to time but I already found a different medium.

5. Lastly, one of my childhood dreams was to become the president of the Philippines. I also dreamt of becoming a movie star, a rock star and a carpenter among others.

By the way, you can still join the fun and be part of the group. Join us at Blogging For Fun!


melissa said...

I am sorry, I did not even think of the geographical time differences. I will be sure to post the topic for Fun Friday on Thursdays. Thank you for participating, it was OK, right.

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Laura said...

I hate public speaking too. I use to teach herbal classes for adult education class and everytime I did I was so nervous I thought I would barf.

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Julie McClelland said...

Well, 'fun friday' has passed me by too, like you it was Saturday before I got the email, I just assumed it was for next Friday - oh well, thank you for sharing information about you :-)

meryl said...

hello leomar, hello ke ms. sexy ^_^
happy weekend


Betchai said...

thanks for sharing 5 things about you leomar, you made me really laughing out loud with number one. and best wishes to all your childhood dreams :)

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Nhil said...

# 3 was a revelation. :) I hope you can get to be happier in whatever you want to do, be it in the call center industry or in another business. :)

Anne said...

I missed the deadline too. I tend to plan posts out in advance which makes same day changes difficult.

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LeoMar said...

It's okay, Melissa. I'll appreciate it if we can post the topic earlier so I will have more time to plan my posts. I had fun writing this post. Thanks for this great idea.

LeoMar said...

I read somewhere that based on one survey about people's fears, respondents ranked public speaking at number 1, even higher than death.

LeoMar said...

Thanks, Julie. I will be looking forward to your posts.

LeoMar said...

Hi, Meryl. Have a wonderful weekend!

LeoMar said...

Thanks, Betchai. I had fun doing this post. As for the childhood dreams, I can only smile when I remember them.

LeoMar said...

Well, I'm happy with my blogging activities:) It has been giving me positive wonders amidst the stress and pressure of my call center job.

Badong said...

haay. hate public speaking too. but i learned to deal with it. ngayon sabi ng classmate ko magaling daw ako mag-report. hehe

Lynn said...

Public speaking doesn't bother me as much as it used to. I got over a lot of the fear when I worked at a college computer lab and would have to do instructional classes. Also teaching Sunday school for three years helped, too. Still public speaking is not an opportunity I would jump up and seize. ;)

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