Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today is Palm Sunday.

Yes, if you are a Catholic like me, we should be celebrating this day. Palm Sunday, commemorates the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem before his Passion. This day is marked by worshipers bringing Palm leaves in churches to re-enact the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. In the Philippines, Palm leaves have been substituted by coconut branches or leaves probably due to the difficulty of procuring palm leaves during these times. These branches, called Palaspas are then blessed by the Priest and are taken home after the Mass so it can be hung beside or above doorways and windowsills. Some people believe that these branches can rid their houses from lightning or evil spirits.

It was said that the palm leaves symbolizes triumph and victory, in Jewish tradition.

May this day be a reminder that like Jesus who offered Himself for our salvation, we, too, can share what we have for our brothers and sisters in need. I just hope that our Lord’s example of total faithfulness and steadfastness of his mission encourage us all to take up the challenge of being true witnesses of God’s love and mercy to us all.

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