Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A(H1N1) virus in the Philippines.

Now, I have to admit that I’m starting to worry with the growing number of cases of the Influenza A(H1N1) virus. As of writing, there are now 344 confirmed cases of the virus in the Philippines including the new 33 cases that were added today. That is according to the evening news on TV.

Some of the newest cases are also getting closer to my residence in Quezon City. Based on reports, there were two confirmed cases in Lagro, Quezon City which is just within our vicinity and a student was tested positive in the University of the Philippines in Diliman. The Lung Center of the Philippines which is one of the major facilities for testing and treating the influenza virus is also a few blocks away from my work.

I can’t help but to feel anxious when I ride a bus, a jeepney or an FX taxi. What if one of the passengers who has been sneezing and holding the bus handrail is an influenza carrier? God forbid!

I also worry for my family in Bulacan as there were also reported cases of the virus in the province. I just hope that they are all safe and that they will be spared by this disease.

On a positive note, 242 cases or 70% of the confirmed cases have been healed according to the news. And there are ways to help strengthen our immune system and to prevent the spread of the disease. I will be writing more of this in my next post.

I know that worrying is not healthy and is just a waste of time as it doesn’t even accomplish anything. But sometimes, our faith falters which we should not tolerate.

We should be spending our energy not in worrying but in praying. Let’s trust that God will keep us all safe and away from harm.

God bless us all!


melissa said...

It is still pretty prevalent in the states too, though it is not being covered in the media. I am worried about the upcoming winter, because the virus only seems to be strengthening not weakening like is normal in the warmer months

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Arlyna said...

Here in Canada, we have a lot of cases. 3 people died of it but those people had underlying medical diseases. It doesn't help either if your immune system is down because it is harder for your body to combat this type of flu. Believe me it made me more paranoid but I have to live a comfortable life as well. Just keep washing your hands and try to avoid crowded spots.

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xprosaic said...

I'm not worrying...simply because i don't want to waste my time worrying about things... there's more to life... que sera sera... jijijijij

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Vlad said...

The best thing we can do to be avoid having H1N1 infection is to follow the Health official advise, wash our hands frequently, wear mask if you feel so, take vitamins and eat healthy foods to increase our body resistance against virus.

If you feel that you have symptoms of H1N1, then be responsible, have your self quarantine and seek doctors help.

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betchai said...

it is still prevalent here, but life goes on, we just have to be careful touching our face, our eyes, our nose. we can not avoid touching other things like doorknob, shopping carts, etc, but we can avoid touching our face. it is scary when it gets colder here, that's when people gets affected with the virus the most.

femmepower said...

oh, you're just close by. The virus has invaded our place in Marikina too,but not close enough to our neighborhood. (My place is near Libis.) i'm not so worried about this strain but i'm paranoid of the possibility that it could mutate to something stronger. Hope not, omg! Our family boosts our immune system through healthy food and vitamin c intakes. I'm looking for a flu vaccine (for seasonal flu)hoping that it'll help while the AH1N1 vaccine isn't out in the market yet. On a positive light, those infected with the virus have started recovering.Hope it stays a weak strain really.

recel said...

i have been giving updates of this in my blogs. now that it's being very widespread in there, i have the same worries as you! i hope and pray that everyone will just be safe, and cured/treated. :)

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