Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hindi Ako Papayag! (Con-Ass video)

I already expressed my strong opposition to the passing of the House Resolution 1109 or any move to amend or revise the Constitution. The time is not now, and the process is not through a sham and a shameless process.

Yesterday, an ad that shows different celebrities voicing their stand against ConAss was launched and shown on TV. The clip shows Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, Gov. Ed Panlilio, Gov. Teddy Baguilat, Rep. Risa Hontiveros, Atty. Alex Lacson, Cooky Chua (Color It Red) and former Rep. Neric Acosta.

Watch the video below:


betchai said...

i really hope that the government will listen to the voice of the people and will not continue with the assembly. like what i said in my previous post, instead of them focusing their resources and energy on the con-ass why should they focus on the more pressing issues our country has? i do not think the con-ass will solve the problem, for our weakness is in the strong implementation of the laws.

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Badong said...

@betchai: ang problema,bingi na ang gobyerno sa sigaw ng masa. partly kasalanan din natin yun, kasi naman halos lahat na lang ng gawin ng gobyerno may kumokontra. manhid na.

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Eddie Garcia said...

I think the message was loud and clear by those in the video and apparently others feel the same way too. I hope all works out for your country.

Friends 4 Life!

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xprosaic said...

Yan tapos magiging sentro ulit tayo ng mga jokes ng ibang bansa tapos magagalit daw tayo dahil sa mga below na belt jokes... eh bakit hindi... ang ganitong klaseng systema nga di natin maayos ayos for the longest time... hayz.... Sana lang wag matuloy ang con-ass at para wag nang lumala ang siyuwasyon...

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Arlyna said...

I love the Philippines. It is my mother's birth land. I am not proud of how the country is being managed. The country is highly corrupted and it dampers the whole culture. I have witnessed it myself when we go on vacation and it starts in the airport and the polices who stop you because you come from another country and ask for bribes.

People don't realize how beautiful the country is. But with government like this, they assume that filipinos are crooks. In fact, majority of filipinos are hardworking citizens. It is a sad case. Hopefully, one day a well deserve human being can become a true president that can uplift your country and serve the people. The people need to speak and be heard.

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