Friday, June 12, 2009

Link Exchange. Be part of my blog roll!

Friends come and go. I didn’t know that this old adage is also appropriate in the blogosphere.

When I was just starting with my blogging journey, I met a couple of bloggers who have helped me learn so many things about the wonders of blogging. As a newbie, I learned how to drive traffic to my blog, how to improve my page rank and so many other things. These friends used to comment on my posts and I did the same thing. We exchanged links.

However, these friends have moved on. When I visited the links in my blog roll a few days ago, they are now broken links; some are now sites showcasing the latest travel packages to Boracay Island or the Windsor Hills Resort. Some were still active blogs but with the last post dated three months ago.

When I bought myself my own custom domain, I visited the blogs on my blog roll to request for them to update my blog’s URL. A few updated my link which I am very grateful, but some just didn’t care.

Anyway, I’ve managed to meet new friends in the course of my blogging journey. I also joined a Yahoo group called Blogging for Fun and I am proud to be a member of the group. By the way, I’ve added the links of my Blogging for Fun friends in my sidebar.

So I guess it’s time to rebuild my Blog Roll. I already received a couple of requests for link exchange but I was just too lazy to work on it. But I’ll surely find time this weekend.

If you want to be part of my new blog roll and exchange link with me, kindly add my link on your blog and comment on this blog post. It will be greatly appreciated. Rest assured, you will be added to my new blog list.

If you used to be part of my blog roll and you still want your link in here, just buzz me so I can include you on the new list.

Have a great weekend to everyone!


recel said...

Hi Leomar!
I'd like to exchange links w/ yah. I'm adding this blog of yours to my two sites now. At and at I hope you could do the same!

See you around!

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Scotty's Princess said...

Hola Leomar! Ako rin! ;-)

Done adding this site to 3 of my blogs:

I have yet to add this one at Lainy's Musings- I will have to ask someone how to do it at Wordpress, hehehe!

Please let me know once you're done adding me up on your list.

Have a great weekend!

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janicephil said...

hey!!! mar!!!!! I wanted to be a part of ur lucky blog roll's list hahahaha!!! I am just a newbie and I never experienced what u already had and I guess you are right so to say there no permanent in this world isn't it? everything is just but change, people change so does things and maybe those friends of yours got tired and laziness attacked their veins..Oh!!! but how i wish i could always update mine. i love it. but sometimes also im out anything to say and kinda hard on what to do and say on mine ...whew!!! anyway..hope i will be one in ur blog's roll..hahahahaha!!! and i honestly still lots of things to learn about this blogging thing any ideas from you is very much appreciated the fact that u r helping with my new page its awesome hehehe...thanks a lot...

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Leomar said...

Hi Recel, thank you. Your 2 blogs have been added.

Recent blog post: Link Exchange. Be part of my blog roll!

Leomar said...

Hi Lainy,

I've added your 4 blogs to my blog roll. I didn't know that these 4 blogs are all yours, hehehe. Anyway, thanks a lot for adding my blog.

Recent blog post: Link Exchange. Be part of my blog roll!

betchai said...

That's true, we met some friends, we lose some, or sometimes, we did not really lose, but they disappeared. i miss some of the blogging buddies i met who somehow just disappeared, their blogs no longer updated or really gone, I hope they are doing well.

dJ said...

hi...pasali sa blog list mo... :D
nalagay ko na link mo sa frontpage blogroll namin...
eto site details namin: - Pinoy Forum

salamat... :)

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meryl said...

hi leomar, hope u could add me too.
na add na kita dati pa ^_^
maraming salamat ^_^

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Badong said...

sali ako! kasama ka na rin sa blog roll ko. hehe

Vlad said...

Hi Leomar,

I want to be part of your blog roll and also hoping that we could be a blogging buddy.

I am still on learning process in terms of blogging.

Will add you on my blog roll. More power to your blog :D

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xprosaic said...

Hahahhaha ako din ganyan... jijijiji kaso mas big time ka! may sarili ka pang domain! astig! hehehhehehe.... ingats!

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Earl said...

Hi Leomar,

Could you please add me in your fantastic blogroll. My blog URL is

Hope we could be buddies as well.

And if you do have a multiply account, please add me. It's

Leomar said...

Hi DJ, your link has been added. Thanks!

Leomar said...

Hi Mery, maraming salamat din. Your link has been added.

Leomar said...

Thanks, Badong. Nasa blog roll ko na rin ang blog mong malupit, hehehe.

Leomar said...

Thanks, Vlad. Sure, we can be blogging buddies. I am still on the learning process too but i'm very much willing to share those things that I've learned so far. Your link has been added to my blog roll.

Leomar said...

Thanks for dropping by, xprosaic. Na-add ko na rin blog mo sa blog roll ko kahit di mo pa ako ina-add ang link ko hehehe. Good luck!

Leomar said...

Hi Earl, your link has been added, buddy. I don't have an account with multiply yet. Your link has been added.

xprosaic said...

Hehehehehehehe ay tama di ko pa pala nagagawa yun... pero ngayon ok na! sowee! jijijiji...

dJ said...

Thanks for the link… J

janicephil said...

thanks mar...hehehhe!!!! I wish I know how to make a blogroll with mine as well I will surely add yours too.. hehehe!!! thanks for the add. I appreciate ti. big time.

crisiboy said...

thanks bro for your link of love..wink

goldensparks said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care.. Cheers mate!

Melissa said...

Hey Leomar, you are in my blogroll, along with the others in the group. I would love to be in yours too.

The Phil Guild Guide said...

Add me in your blog roll. I will also add you in a few minutes! Thanks.

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Juliana said...

I think we should be BUDDIES hehehe. Being that we have something in common ( I'm sure a lot of bloggers know what that is) isn't it but fitting that we should be exchanging links? Sana lang wala ng encore yung incident hehehe.

Kidding aside, yeah, count me in. I'll be adding your links in a bit on my 3 blogs. You know na the three right?

Have a great week ahead.

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Leomar said...

Hi, thanks for visiting. Sure, I'll be visiting your blog, buddy.

Recent blog post: Link Exchange. Be part of my blog roll!

Leomar said...

Hi Melissa, thanks. I have a separate blog roll for your blogs and the rest of our Blogging For Fun group.

Recent blog post: Link Exchange. Be part of my blog roll!

Leomar said...

Hi friend. Your blog has been added to my blog roll. Thanks for dropping by.

Recent blog post: Link Exchange. Be part of my blog roll!

Leomar said...

Hehehe sana nga last na yun. Anyway, let's just charge it to experience.

Your 3 blogs has been added to my blog roll.

Recent blog post: Link Exchange. Be part of my blog roll!

eng said...

hi and me had the same taste.our blogtemplate/design is!!!

i am a newbie in blogger, though i've been in blogosphere for a year now...newbie pa den!!

i'm all out for exchanging link..that's if i know how. kase yung blog ko till now di ko ma-configurate.this is a whole new world to me...ha!ha!ha!since yesterday pinag-aaralan ko na magawan ng link yung recent comment ko...ha!ha!ha!hanggang ngayon blank pa den..

Arlyna said...

Leo, I have added you to my favorite links. I think you added mine already. Btw, thanks for your comments on my blog. Always a pleasure to visit yours :)

Recent blog post: Sharing My Passion.

Liza said...

Hi Leomar. If I remember it right, you asked for an exchange links at Mommy's Little Corner. You have been added there a long time ago. Right now I'm in the process of updating my blogroll and I'm removing dead links and those who have not added me. I can't seem to find my link here, let me know if you are still interested. Thanks.


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