Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A budget hotel in Makati City

If there’s one city in the Philippines that can stand alongside the world’s best financial cities, it will be Makati City. The city is considered the financial capital of the Philippines being a major commercial and economic hub in the country. No wonder why many global companies opted to house their offices and local headquarters in the city. It is a major destination of businessmen from all over the world.

Because of its strategic location, the city also boasts of many of the country's five-star hotels to cater to foreign and local businessmen. But if you want to make the most of your stay in Makati, you have to choose a budget hotel in Makati City with the best location. You should be close enough to bars and restaurants and to the business and shopping district.

One hotel that boasts of quality accommodation is the Jupiter Suites - a budget hotel in Makati City which is along Jupiter St. in Bel-Air. They now have recently upgraded spacious rooms, all of which are equipped with internet access and other amenities that will surely make your stay in your hotel room extra comfortable.

Jupiter Suites lives up to the Filipino tradition of warm hospitality and the willingness to serve all guests, Jupiter hotel prides itself with courteous staffs that are willing to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

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xprosaic said...

hmm.... minsan nga mabisita yan... jijijiji

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Arlyna said...

I'm a city gal, so I really enjoyed Makati City and shopping! Thanks for sharing the site. Overall, our vacation time in the Philippines was well spent. We stayed at Somerset Olympia in Makati- love the busyness of the city.

recel said...

Hi Leomar!

I got something for you in this link:
Check it out if you've got the chance! Hope you like it!


sant said...

thanks for this information ........... please check out my blog also ........

2009 Nursing Board Exam said...

Is this really in makati? it looks like 7 star hotel.. lol

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Eddie Garcia said...

That is some kind of nice room! It would be nice if some of the hotels/motels in the US would copy what they have going on here. Thanks for the post and the info on FB.

Friends 4 Life!

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myglitch said...

I used to go to Jupiter with some friends for friday night out years ago. Its nice to know that there's a budget hotel in Makati City.

BTW, thanks for dropping by.

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janicephil said...

kaya dapat si Binay ang presidente ng pilipinas dapat mag ka isa ang mga pinoy na ilagay si binay sa posisyon hwag ung vote buying ang pairalin..proven na si binay...look at makati as example ano na lang kung ang pinas ay parang makati in every corner from south to north whew. un na masasabi natin na mabuhay ang pinoy. korek?

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meryl said...

na miss ko ang makati...someday balik ako dyan! ^_^

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crisiboy said...

sige chechek ko nga tohh..

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thanks in advance

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