Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IT Solutions for your business.

Time is money. This is maybe an old cliché but is very much applicable in all business settings. I can understand why managers and owners of small and middle size businesses would freak out when something is wrong with the company's computers or software.

The company that I’m working with has an IT Department that would easily fix technical or computer issues in the fastest possible time to minimize the disruption on the business operation. However, not all companies can afford to maintain an IT Department. If the business is just starting, you would rather spend your resources on marketing and other aspects of the business. Anyway, there are on site technicians that can also provide fast and affordable computer service and Computer Help.

Furthermore, you can still manage your computer needs by hiring the services of a computer services company. This is certainly a good cost-cutting measure as you will have your own IT department for a fraction of the cost. They provide data backup and recovery, website design and hosting and computer and network security.

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Nikhil said...

Even i know some companies which provide end to end IT Solutions for e.g. S K International

S.K.International is leading systems integration, technology services and consulting company which provides IT solutions in the area of Enterprise Computing, Storage, Virtualization, Networking and Security, Business Intelligence, EAI services & Consulting services. The company is Headquartered in Mumbai, with 11 offices in India and 1 in NewYork, USA.
They currently have a turnover of 85 crores(about USD 22 Million). SK International is a part of SK Group of companies with group turnover of Rs. 900 Crores(About USD 225 Million). More than 600 customers including emerging, mid-size & fortune 1000 companies rely on SK to address complex business challenges and provide innovative IT solutions.
Their uniqueness lies in being pioneers in early adoption of technology, critically analyzing and customizing it to customer needs to maximize business value.
Example of such uniqueness is deploying skills for setting, configuring and providing a payment gateway solution (RBI Payment Gateway Solutions) for settling high value interbank transactions which include RTGS, NDS and CCIL Application. They provide such services to various majors banks & financial institutes. Another example is their skillsets in integrating legacy applications with new ones under a single enterprise architecture.
Such adaptability to various technologies and customizing solutions and services according to customer needs makes them favorite for many of their clients. It is almost a one-stop shop for all the IT needs of a company.
With a wide array of services and solutions, S K International is in a position to take the next big leaps with changes in technology and rapid increase in the need for IT systems and software solutions.
For More Information visit: www.SKInternational.com


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