Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell to the King!

It was this morning in the Philippines when I heard about the sad news: the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died after suffering a cardiac arrest. Fans and stars alike were stunned with the news; the entertainment world is now mourning the loss of this legendary music icon.

I will not claim to be a big fan of Michael Jackson but I grew up with his songs. I was merely a toddler when he made it big in the music industry with hit songs like “Thriller”, “Beat It”, “Billie Jean” and other monster hits. My sisters adore him and they even have cassette tapes and later on CDs of his albums.

Filipinos love Michael Jackson. Over 50,000 Filipino fans watched him when he went to the Philippines for a two-day concert that was part of his historic world tour last December of 1996. It was his first and last concert in the Philippines. Fans even began arriving at the venue 8 hours before the concert and they stayed on their feet while their idol sang his hit songs. It was the pop icon's third and last world concert tour as a solo artist.

Based on news reports, he even visited a hospital in the Philippines as part of his humanitarian efforts days before the concert. A sea of screaming fans followed him wherever he went.

For his Filipino fans, Michael Jackson will forever be the music icon and the King of Pop worthy of adulation.


xprosaic said...

Yeah sad news, I'm not a fan either but I appreciate his songs and ingenious works... Goodbye Mike Jax!

Arlyna said...

Very tragic indeed! My mother was telling me but I refused to believe it. RIP MJ.

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Scotty's Princess said...

The death was so tragic, sudden and unexpected... MJ will be sorely missed! He is one great legendary icon that will always be remembered...

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Badong said...

that's life.

fan or not a fan, his legacy will surely be remembered.


meryl said...

Sad to hear that he passed away.I like MJ songs when I was young...
May he rest in peace.


Snow said...

Sad lost indeed.

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Sincerely yours,

Snow ^_^

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carlota said...

Yes it's very sad.

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Leomar said...

Hi Lainy, thanks for the invitation. I may not be able to join this week but i'll surely make time for it next week. Thanks again!

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Leomar said...

I can not agree more, Badong.

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Leomar said...

I don't know anything about this, Snow but I'll check out the site and i will surely consider your blog on my list. Thanks!

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Leomar said...

Thanks again, Carlota. I'll email you the details soon. I guess, i will have to say goodbye to this blog's layout.

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Leomar said...

Yeah, may he rest in peace! Thanks for dropping by Meryl.

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Leomar said...

I also thought it was a bad joke. But he lived a full life. It will be hard to surpass his achievements.

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jan said...

You'll change your blog's lay out? But this layout looks cool. It's great looking. I was even surprised you're in Blogger pala.

I love that header, especially if that's a cup of coffee in there. But then again it might be tea because of the lemon slices. ",)

jan geronimo said...

I respect Michael Jackson. I can't quite get people who malign him. Patay na nga yun tao, sinisiraan pa. I don't quite like the way he tried to reinvent his looks. But what can I do - it was his face after all. And I'm just a fan.

But his music are closely interwoven with memories of my childhood and young adulthood. He sure feels like family. It's unfortunate he's gone now. But these memories stay. Perhaps this is what will make him immortal to a lot of people.

Leomar said...

Hi Jan, unfortunately, i will need to change my layout. I just won a custom layout prize from a fellow blogger. Besides, i just saw another blogger who is using the same template hehehe.

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Leomar said...

Yeah, he is human like everyone else after all. We also made bad decisions in life. But MJ's talent and contribution to the music industry is unquestionable. I'm not even a big fan but i admire him as an artist.

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jan geronimo said...

Oh, you're right about changing the layout then. You won a custom layout
prize? Wow - that's good news. And the timing is just about right.
Yeeha. ",)

Bio said...

Nice layout. Yeah, I got sad too when MJ died. I also blogged about it (

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Leomar said...

I didn't see it coming but i was lucky i won the prize hehehe. I've come to love the previous layout, but this new custom layout is better.

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