Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Another movie that is currently showing in local cinemas is the Kung Fu Panda which stars the voices of, among others, Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen, David Cross and Ian McShane. I will surely watch this film over the weekend.

Kung Fu Panda is the story of Po, an enthusiastic, big and a little clumsy noddle-maker. Po was unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy to become the “chosen one” to save the day against the vengeful and treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung. Po’s dreams become a reality when he was trained alongside five of the greatest warriors that the world has ever known to help him - Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey--under the leadership of their teacher and trainer, Master Shifu. He puts his heart - and his girth - into the task, and the improbable hero ultimately finds that his greatest weaknesses can turn out to be his supreme strengths.

Another thing to watch out on this movie is our very own Sam Concepcion’s version of the movie’s theme song which will be played during the end credits of the film for every single screening here in the Philippines. This makes Sam the first Filipino to work with Dreamworks Pictures for a huge project such as this.

Here's the movie's trailer:

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