Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

First of all, I would like to apologize to all my fellow bloggers and regular visitors, please forgive me for my sudden disappearance… I promise to make up for the lost time…lols. I’m finally back in front of a computer, not my computer but on an internet caf√©. My computer is still at home, waiting to be fixed. And by the way, when I say “at home”, I am now referring to a new apartment as I was just evicted from my old apartment… lols.

This last week was a tough one for me. It seems that my luck has run out and a string of unfortunate events has just unfolded right through my very eyes. Nothing serious, really, I’m just being melodramatic.

It was last week when I was told by my landlady that the apartment that I was renting was already sold, she told me the news after showering me with praises as being the best-ever tenant on that apartment. She couldn't help but to tell me that I am so kind, well-mannered, responsible, disciplined and good-looking … sorry, can’t help to add that last bit hehehe. She said that her son got himself in a financial trouble that is none of my business. Well to cut the story short, I had to vacate the premises…. But on a short notice as the new occupants will be arriving in a week’s time. That’s a serious injustice! But being a well-mannered, kind and responsible person (hehehe), I relented and went out looking for a new house.

Luckily (well, that’s what I thought at that time) another apartment has been available just in front of my apartment. The owner said that since the apartment was unoccupied for a couple of months, he will have to repair some things in the house first. I thought, no worries, as long it will be ready within a week. So I had myself a deal.

So days passed by and the repair work was still ongoing in the new apartment, I spoke to my landlady and she said not to worry as the new tenant is still in Mindoro and she will just ask for an extension.

It was Thursday morning when I received a call in the office from my landlady informing me that the new tenants has just arrived and the truck carrying their things was on the side of the road. Irritated, I said I’m already at the office and they just have to wait until I get home. It’s not my fault anyway. But while I’m at the office I can’t seem to concentrate on the job. What if they break into my apartment? My money, computer and other personal belongings are scattered all over the place. I ended up, going home early and packed my things.

As if it’s not enough, when I went to the new apartment to inform the owner that I will be moving in,I was told that the repair is still ongoing and it may take another day or two to complete the repair. I began to see an image of myself sleeping in the streets…

When I went back to my apartment to continue packing, I was informed by my landlady that she found a new apartment for me a couple of blocks away. We went to check it out and found out that it is absolutely better than my old apartment. Which meant that I also need to shell out more cash to get it? Well, I run out of choices either so I moved to the new apartment.

Moving to a different apartment also meant that I will be moving my telephone and broadband line as well. I just called Bayantel and was told that I need to pay P1, 288.00 to transfer the line and I got myself a list of requirements to submit for them to transfer the line. My subscription is locked-in for a year so that also means that I will be paying the telephone and DSL even for the period that I’m not using it. No problem with that, I just want my telephone and internet back so I can resume with my normal life…

Unfortunately, when I tried to turn on my computer the other day, it won’t boot up. It appears that one of the system files is corrupted. Two years worth of pictures, videos and other media are stored on my hard disk without backup. I started to panic but being a technical support representative by profession, I have to exhaust my resources. I’ve tried repairing the operating system, but to no avail. I ended up, installing another operating system on the same hard disk just to recover my files. Thank God, it worked.

I just hope that everything will be back to normal in the coming days. I now have a new home with less money and a computer without an internet connection.

Indeed, there are lessons to be learned on every seemingly unfortunate event happening to us… The lessons I’ve learned? I'm still trying to process it….

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kyle_kat said...

so sad.....

that's life...



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