Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Friend in New York.

A friend who is currently working in New York sent me an email yesterday. She recounted her experiences in the Big Apple, on how they visited different places and landmarks. She said that it’s a good thing she brought a reliable digital camera with her and she was able to take heaps of photos. Unfortunately, I don’t have her permission to share the photos that she sent me on this blog. Anyway, most of the photos were taken from Brooklyn and the Empire State Building. She also had a photo in the statue of Liberty. I can tell from the photos that my friend absolutely had a great time.

She said that to make their New York Sightseeing more memorable, they simply bought tickets for the best-value double-decker sightseeing package which already included trips to major attractions and activities. She said that they took on museum visits and they are planning to go on a Night tour to get an absolutely amazing view of the city.

Well, life in a foreign land may not be all fun for Filipinos like my friend. They need to work hard to send money for their families in the Philippines. It’s good to see them having fun even if they are miles away from their loved ones.

Photo credits: www.tourismjunction.com


janicephil said...

well...thats good for ur friend...yes indeed new york is a great city however just imagine it is more like makati however more exag but they are similar though..hehehe!!! maganda lang ng konti but there are parts as well na medyo magulo, the statue of liberty is actually situated in a small island between rhode island in ny and u need to take a boat or im not sure what to call that and it will bring all the tourist there...but mind you folk Philippines is still the best. Trust me..there is no place like Phil...though america kinda ok too coz of their $ but nonetheless philippines is superb!!

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Leomar said...

I agree that the Philippines is still the best. Anyway, there's no place like home. Thanks for dropping by on this blog.

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