Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In search of a new home.

I’ve been working in the call center industry for more than three years now and at the same time I have always been renting an apartment near my workplace. It was more practical and convenient since I’ve been moving from one call center to another. I’ve worked with 3 call centers to date and I’ve rented 3 apartments as well.

Just a few months ago, I’ve decided to look for condos and townhouses near Metro Manila. I realized that the money I’m paying for the monthly rent is almost the same as the monthly amortization of a house and lot on a subdivision near Metro Manila. Of course, it is much better to pay the monthly dues of my own house than to pay the rent for somebody else’s apartment.

So Donna and I searched the internet for condominiums for sale or rent-to-own and even subdivisions with affordable equities. We went tripping to condominiums or subdivision locations to help us decide the best house for us. I even attended a PAG-IBIG seminar to see if I can apply for a housing loan.

My friend who now has a stable job in New York is in the same situation. He told me that he is also looking for NYC condos for sale. He has finally decided to settle down in the Big Apple with his wife. He even sent an email to me recently with photos and links of different properties that he already visited. The condominium units are very beautiful although some are very expensive. He has not yet decided on which of the properties to purchase but he said he is not in a hurry.

With a limited budget, Donna and I finally decided to acquire a property in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. It is a quiet community about an hour drive from Manila. It may not be our dream house yet, but good enough for a start.


melissa said...

Have fun, buying a home can be fun, and stressful. We bought our own house, after our rent fees kept going up, and it just was not worth it anymore.

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Guest said...

my best wishes for your new home, hope you will enjoy it. it is not much of having our dream house, but how we live in our house and treasure the moment there that the dream becomes real. it is also great to have a very good night sleep when finally we are able to fully pay our house, we do not have to worry if we have a home to go to if in case worse things happen. but if we are renting, sometimes, we just do not know what can happen and we may end up without having a home to go home to.

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Badong said...

so when's the house warming? hehe. congratulations.

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meryl said...

hi leomar, congrats sa inyong new property.
goodluck sa career and God bless

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