Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A plagiarized blog content.

I don’t usually open my Gmail Inbox as it is always full of spam, mostly emails congratulating me for winning the lottery or hitting the jackpot on a raffle draw that I never recalled joining. But what caught my attention is an email with the subject “Plagiarized blog content” that came from a concerned blog reader.

I was surprised when I read the email, I never thought that this will happen to me. Apparently, one of my articles on my other blog was copied by another blogger without giving due credit or acknowledging the source. I don’t want to dignify this blogger and put his/her link on this blog but in case you’re interested to know what blog is this, you can email me and I would be happy to send you the blog’s link. You may find some of your articles there too, lol. I will not be surprised if there are other bloggers out there who have been victimized by this blogger who lacks creativity. I don’t know why somebody will decide to become a blogger when he/she cannot even write his/her own content or have the decency to acknowledge that he/she has copied it from another blogger.

To think that the article is a paid post made it even worse. Yes, this blogger just earned a couple of dollars just by copying somebody else's creation. Well, he/she did change the title of the article and added another paragraph but still, most of it were copied word for word from my post.

I want to act on this but I don’t know where to start. I know that I can report to search engines like Google and Yahoo but aside from that I don’t know where else to go.

Below is the email that I received, without the other blogger’s link. I have the blog’s screenshot instead.


I stumbled upon your site and it was a surprise to find out and see an identical article on someone's site. Your article about Direct TV with this link: http://2forlife.blogspot.com/2009/03/make-switch-to-direct-tv.html is very identical to this link: xxxxxx. I'm not sure if you own both sites but from the looks of it, I don't think it's possible.

I assume this is an article that you wrote and got paid for, and it would be such a shame to allow the other person to use your content and also get paid for it: your own creation.

FYI. You should act on this and report the other blogger to the proper authorities. It's a concern to see someone get violated like this.

Here's the screenshot of the blog, you can click on it for a larger view:


CPA Board Exam said...

WTF!! that was the lamest blogger i saw if he can't wrote her won article he better stop blogging and hang his self!

Laura said...

That is so wrong. You know this is the second blog post I have read in the last couple of days about someone plagiarizing others post. Probably the same person. I hope you report this and get it taken care of.

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Femmepower said...

hey,this is the 3rd time this month that I've read a post about plagiarism!is this plagiarist an Entrecard member?maybe all of you are talking about the same site then.time to make a move! once again,i'm really infuriated!i hate parasites.Is there anybody here who knows how to deal with plagiarists?they shouldn't be left to thrive in the blogosphere. the nerve of them to steal other people's work and EARN from them!sorry but i'm really upset.If that blogger is from Entrecard,pls report him.Leo,can you pls email me the URL?i'll be sick if he's also copied anything from me.GRRRR!

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Julie McClelland said...

I have been plagiarised by a fellow colleague. She emailed me actually and said what a great post I had, asked where I got my information, being the sort of person that I am I shared, didn't think anymore about it.

Then I proceeded to make a couple of Enzines out of the one blog - for my trouble I got banned from Enzines until I could prove the article was mine etc - this person copied my post - she has registered her site and got copyright restrictions on her site - Enzine said I was copying her - did get it sorted, I'm now a trustworthy member of Enzines again, can't submit that article though...grrr........shoot them all I say...lol!!! It's alright life will come back and bite them when they lest expect it

Nhil said...

I'd suggest that you report this blogger to Entrecard. This should not be tolerated in anyway. What a shame for other people to claim the work that they did not even thought about in the first place.

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AdviceMaven said...

I have had content stolen twice. The first time, the just stole the whole article, and of all the posts to steal this one was strange because I referenced my site in two places and they kept the references in the stolen post.

The most recent one is worse, because they altered my post to create anchor text with self serving links. This time I reported it to Google under their digital copyright act. If you want to report your stolen content here is the URL http://www.google.com/dmca.html#notification

Best of luck, I'm hoping I'll hear soon that my stolen post has been removed.

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Badong said...

that is just blatantly wrong! bloggers like that should be thrown to oblivion. did you report this already? you should.

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Craftista said...

Oh wow! That is so lame indeed! Why blog at all if he/she can’t write a blog. That is stealing in its most basic form. That is upsetting, Leo, especially since that person is earning from your work. Bless the person who notified you. Good to know there are people who care enough to take action.

Report it, teach him a lesson. Let him know you are aware of what he did . . . put a stop to it.

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LeoMar said...

I guess, I will have to try the subtle route, Melissa. Thanks.

LeoMar said...

Hi AdviceMaven,

Thanks for the URL. I'll see if i can also report my stolen content.

LeoMar said...

Thanks, Badong. I already sent an email to Entrecard and I plan to report this to Google and other search engines.

Leomar said...

Thanks for your comments, guys. I greatly appreciate it.

Just an update. I commented on the other blog and politely asked her to remove or rewrite the article. She did not publish my comment but when I checked her blog, she has edited the article completely. I just hope that she has learned her lessons.

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Eddie Garcia said...

I'm sure this goes on all the time and I am sorry that it happened to you. I would almost feel honored if someone thought one of my posts were worth copying. I know that sounds weird but that is a positive approach. If you know who is doing this and you can get in touch with them to see if they would apologize, I think this would be the way to go. Maybe they actually thought by changing the title and adding a paragraph made it their own content. Who knows! We all make dumb decisions when we are first starting out. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I know you will do what is right my friend. Sounds like you are taking this like a gentleman. Good for you!

Friends 4 Life!

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FishHawk said...

I have also noticed several posts about someone plagiarizing a post or two, and none of them named the offender, nor the name of their site. This makes me wonder if posts like this one may be a fraud. For it seems highly suspect to me that someone can get paid for an article that another has already posted for the purpose of getting paid for it, but posting about such is a good way to attract a lot of attention. After all, it sure got mine--several times, in fact. Please forgive me if I am completely deceived about this.

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betchai said...

i got her link since i clicked the image of the page of the blog that plagiarized your post. i think now that post has been changed and it does not look like anymore exactly how it is in the image, i mean the words. i read the comment section in your other blog that she has edited it already after you asked her, that was very kind of you. at least, talking to her and them about it, and talking about it here by writing about it meant that it got to their attention too and made them correct the action, and hopefully, serve them the lesson that nothing will just passed unnoticed.

oh, i have heard about this before, but realized that there are really cases like this happening after going through my mini investigation through this post. thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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recel said...

this is so sad. especially that both--the victim and the plagiarist are filipino. such a shame on the latter's part. but i don't tolerate plagiarism and so i hope she'll get what she deserves from u soon. this is the 2nd time that i've learned about this copy-cat plagiarizing and i'm just glad that she's been banned from the blogging company now. she deserved it i believe. this person has been an acquaintance and somewhat a friend, but again, i dont tolerate criminals, especially plagiarists so i am with u all the way in whatever move you'll take towards this. good luck and let me know if i can be of help! :)

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Scotty's Princess said...

I hear you! And I urge you to do what is just and right for your own peace of mind and also for the rest of us in the blogging community.

These copy cats have no place in the blogging world let alone be paid for copying stuffs.

Whatever action you would like to take, I am all behind you!
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Leomar said...

If you will click on the screenshot, you will see the blog's URL and the blog's name. It is my intention not to put the URL on the post so the email that i received and the screenshot can speak for itself. Anyway, the copied post can be rewritten anytime but the screenshot is hard to fabricate.

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Karen said...

This will serve as a shame campaign for the said blogger.

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amiable amy said...

I was so SHOCKED! I really don't know what to say because I admire her posts. A blogger sent me your link and I was so sad to know about this incident. I know both of you and the worst part is kapwa tayo Pinoy. But, I DO NOT TOLERATE her action. That is so wrong. I just feel so bad because you work for it and you deserve to be recognized for writing such good post. Now, I will not let this pass by, I will say something on my blog post today. I will post it in my other blog. I thank that anonymous blogger for informing me this incident. Well, your work is Excellent that is why she copied it. That is a BAD DECISION on her part. I am on your side.

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Leomar said...

Thanks for your comments and support, @Betchai, @Recel and @Lainy.

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Leomar said...

Hi Dorothy. Thanks for dropping by. I can not recall leaving a message in your shoutbox, i don't usually do that. I'd rather leave a comment. Anyway, I can only be thankful that you found my blog. Cheers!

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Leomar said...

Thanks for the support, Amy. Yeah, I also felt bad when I learned that the blogger who copied my post is also a Filipino. And here i am, celebrating Filipino pride...

Recent blog post: Charice performs "Note To God" on "Oprah"

Vera said...

Kainis naman yun!

Seiko said...

Hi!I am new here in Blogosphere & I read about this from my firend & I was really surprised on what I'd found because it happened that I also knew her.I just met her here for a couple of weeks & I can't believe kasi she's so sweet & very friendly....Can I post this into mine,if you don't mind?

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Guest said...

Good evening.Thanks for replying back Leomar.You're absolutely right about that,it's still a crime.I'm really so sorry that it happened to you 'though I'd post a positive approach into my Blog that doesn't mean I will tolerate such a thing.Have a great day to you too.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!


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