Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun Friday - Two Things That I Cannot Live Without.

For this week’s Fun Friday, the topic is to name two things you absolutely cannot live without. Say in a disaster, or end of the world situation, what two things you could not go without.

Hmm, this is quite hard for me since I can easily let go of material things when needed. I even tried living 3 months without a cellphone, an unimaginable feat in this technological age. I decided to ask the help of my girlfriend, Donna who said she cannot live without her perfumes and bags. I asked her what two things I can not live without and without hesitation, she said I cannot live without my computer and my wallet.

I spend about 12 hours a day in front of a computer monitor: 8 hours in the office and 4 hours at home surfing the internet and blogging. Donna would even tease me that I’m spending more time with my computer than with her, lol. I’m just so thankful that she understands.

Another thing that I can live without is my wallet. I don’t leave the house without my wallet which has, aside from cash, all of my ATM cards, Identification cards, contact numbers, health card and even a notepad where I can write ideas and thoughts that would suddenly pop up out of nowhere. I would surely be helpless without my wallet.

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melissa said...

I have never carried a wallet, though a lot of women do. I do love my computer, and it would be hard, but I think I could do without out it only if I had to.

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betchai said...

I love my computer too, actually it is the "internet" that made me love my computer :) LOL. Though, it would be very hard to have no computer these days, since I don't want to go back to the days where I manually compute the grades :(

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Laura said...

I have to admit that it would be difficult living without my computer and internet. This is where I spend most of my time.

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femmepower said...

hehe same tayo sa pc - 8 hrs in the ofice,4 hrs at home.kaya kulang ako sa tulog eh,lol.

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Badong said...

haha. talk about internet addiction. buti na lang your girl understands!

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Eddie Garcia said...

The two things I couldn't live w/o would be my wife and oxygen. Both are pretty essential for me to stay alive and enjoy my network marketing with you and all the others.

Friends 4 Life!

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Anne said...

I couldn't live without my computer either. I spend a lot of time with it.


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