Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calbiga Caves to be featured in a London TV show

The spectacular Calbiga caves in Samar will be featured in a popular travel show in London. The show, “Rough Guide to Ultimate Escapes” by Lion TV coordinated with the Department of Tourism so they could shoot in the caves for their travel series after they saw the caves in the internet.

Based on sources, the crew will be doing adventurous activities in the caves like rappelling and climbing.

Calbiga Caves is a system of 12 caves, it covers an area of about 2,968 hectare. This is probably the largest cave in Southeast Asia, to think that most of it is still unexplored. There are numerous endangered species of bats living in the cave.

The Calbiga Caves is in Calbiga, a municipality in Samar who also won the prestigious Bulsary Award for the “Nations in Bloom” competition last 2003 in the Netherlands. This is a competition for local communities that focuses on good environmental management and development.

Aside from the Calbiga Caves which is considered the biggest karst formation in the Philippines and one of the largest in Asia, Calbiga is also endowed with other natural wonders such as the Calbiga River, the Lulugayan Falls, and the Literon Rapids which are potential eco-tourism destinations.

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