Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Filipino Prides in "Britain's Got Talent"

Yesterday, I started writing about two Filipino prides and it struck me that these are exactly the stories that we need to uplift our spirits during these times. So I’ve scanned the web looking for other materials that could give us something to proud of us Filipinos.

And so I stumbled upon these two videos from a talent search in the United Kingdom entitled “Britain’s Got Talent”. It is not as popular as the “American Idol”, but just the same two Filipino-bloods made it to the semi-finals.

Madonna Decena, is a 32-year-old single mum who got a standing ovation with her rendition of the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

She already got everybody’s attention even before singing when she tearfully explained that she’s doing it for her kids.

"Well, it's a chance for me to get more work, more opportunity for me to sing, for my kids," Decena said.

"If I do well in this competition it would be life-changing not only for me but for my kids, it's a chance for us to be together." She also said in one of her interviews.
Here is the video of her performance:

Still on Britain’s Got Talent, another Filipino (half-Filipino, that is) who made it to the semi-finals is Charlie Green.
Charlie is a ten-year old school boy and is said to be a son of a British and Filipina couple.

He sang “Summer Wind” confidently which wowed the judges and earned him a standing ovation. Right after his performance Simon Cowell remarked, “Charlie, you’re fantastic. I think you’re a little star. I really really like you.”

“I genuinely do not expecting to find someone like that. I thought it’s gonna be a disaster, it’s so changed. I’m absolutely thrilled,” said Cowell in a taped interview.

Here is the video of Charlie Green’s performance:

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