Monday, May 19, 2008

Filipino Pride: Gian Karlo Dapul

Amidst the problems that beset our country today, with all the rising cost of basic commodities, one thing that badly needs a raise is our spirit and our Filipino pride.

I chanced upon a news article a couple of days ago in the local news about a Filipino who won top honors in the English Speaking Union’s International Public Speaking Competition held in London last May 9. Incoming senior and 16-year-old student from the Philippine Science High School (PSHS), Gian Karlo Dapul won the prestigious competition. With his speech entitled “Fish Mucus and Foot Fungus”, Gian Karlo Dapul triumphed over other contestants from 30 other countries.

It was four years ago since Patricia Evangelista won in the same competition with her speech on Filipino Diaspora. These only proves that Filipinos can triumphed over any challenge or adversity.

Here’s the winning speech from the ABS-CBN news:
Click Here.

And here's the video from YouTube:

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