Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook is the year's "American Idol".

It’s official, the grown-up rocker won the coveted title of the seventh season of “American Idol”. The twenty-five year old David Cook who was bartending and playing in a band before he joined the singing competition triumphed over rival David Archuleta by 12 million votes.

This is after the judges said that Archuleta outperformed Cook on Tuesday night’s show for choosing a song he had never performed before during this crucial stage to woo audiences. Cook, opted to sing “The World I Know” by Collective Soul instead of reprising one of his best performances of the season.

All the same, the two Davids garnered a record high of 97.5 million votes despite the “Idol’s” low ratings this season.

The Blue Springs, Missouri, native received 56 percent of the votes to Archuleta’s 44 percent to seal his victory. The contest was decided by text-messaging and telephone votes.

"This is amazing… Thank you," said Cook, who on top of being crowned this year's "Idol" will also receive a recording contract.

Here’s one of David Cook’s videos:

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