Monday, September 8, 2008

A Crazy World.

I’m a regular viewer of the evening news on TV. It’s not only the best source of ideas for blogging but it will also let you attune to what’s happening to our country. Watching the news can make you feel bad and you may get the impression that this world is a crazy world and it will not be long and it will go to the dogs. Bank robbers, thieves, holduppers, cell phone snatchers are just everywhere and they are always featured in the evening news.

But who cares? Most of us have been accustomed to shrug our shoulders when misfortunes strike somebody or even our country.

Indeed, the news is just news unless we are part of it.

If you are guessing that I was on the evening news, not quite and I was glad about it. But today was a very bad day for me. Yes, I was a victim of a robbery hold up. Good thing, I was unscathed.

It happened early this morning, about 5:45 am. I hailed an FX taxi at about 5:30 on Commonwealth Ave. and seated at the back side. The vehicle was then full. Three other men were seated at the back, two ladies in front near the driver, three ladies and another man at the middle part. I noticed that the man fronting me was a bit jittery; he fidgeted on the door lock when I entered.

When we were along Tandang Sora Ave, he even asked me if I wanted to alight from the vehicle when I slightly move my handbag to make myself comfortable. Had I known better, I wished I moved out of the vehicle.

Just before we reached Agham Road, the man in front of me and the other man in the middle of the vehicle announced a holdup. I was shocked, I was at gunpoint. Giving my cash and other belongings was an easy task when a pistol is pointing at me. Cash, cell phones, wristwatches and even wedding rings were not spared by the crooks.

One of the robbers said: “Pera at cell phone lang yan, pero pag may pumalag buhay ang kapalit. Sisiguraduhin kong sa ulo ang mga tama niyo pag pumalag kayo… sasabog ang mga utak nyo dito.”

As if it was not enough, one of the crooks is blabbering about so many other things while other lady passengers were crying. An elderly lady even complains of chest pain. It was the longest 30 minutes of my life. It would have been less of a torture if they just left us immediately but it seemed that they were looking for the proper timing as it was already broad daylight.

From out of the blue, one of the crooks even said that the driver doesn’t have anything to do with what they were doing. But the statement even raises doubts from other passengers as they suspected that the driver was also involved.

The good thing about it was we managed to emerge unscathed on that FX. We went straight to the Police Station and had a not so good experience there as well. I’ll continue to recount my experience next time….

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