Friday, September 19, 2008

Nora Aunor’s Himala is on CNN’s list of Best Asian films of all time.

CNN’s The Screening Room Blog is trying to find the best Asian film of all time and Nora Aunor’s movie “Himala” is the only Filipino movie included in their provisional list. The movie was directed by Ishmael Bernal and written by Ricky Lee. However, the list is not yet final as they said it's definitely a work in progress and in no particular order.

Here is what they said about the movie:

'Himala' Philippines
(Ishmael Bernal, 1982)
Young Elsa thinks she has seen the Virgin Mary and goes on a healing crusade -- just the miracle the nowhere town she lives in is looking for. The film's austere camera work, haunting score and accomplished performances sensitively portray the harsh social and cultural conditions that people in the third world endure.

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