Friday, September 19, 2008

How to kill fire ants?

They may be small but they can be invasive. They can also damage property and can harm people. I’m referring to fire ants. According to Wikipedia, the FDA estimates that more than US$5 billion is spent yearly on medical treatment, damage, and control in areas infested by fire ants. Moreover, the ants cause approximately US$750 million in damage annually to agricultural assets. Some countries like the US, Taiwan and Australia all have continuing national efforts to control or eradicate the species.

I hate it when these ants sting, it causes sting and leaves swelling which can cause pain and irritation. Fire Ant stings can even be a deadly experience for those small few who are allergic to the venom. When Fire Ants sting it is rarely only one sting. They attack in large numbers and when the first ant stings it triggers a reaction that causes all the ants to sting at one time.

Do you know that unlike bees, ants can sting up to 20 times in succession injecting toxin with each sting? Now you know and you now have enough reasons to get rid of these insects.

You can kill these insects in many ways but some are not effective as the others. I was able to find a web site that can serve as your guide on how to kill red fire ants. Visit the Fire Ants guide and learn how to effectively eliminate these pesky insects.

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