Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Original Healing Threads.

I used to do volunteer work as a caregiver in a home for the aged. Working with elderly needs a lot of patience and understanding. They can be very moody, sensitive and sometimes they can be very difficult to deal with. I remember one patient that will under go a surgery. She hates the idea of being operated and exposed herself especially with male doctors around.

However, this is no longer a major concern as there are already hospital gowns that are designed to address this issue. One is the Healing Threads Break-Away pants. The Original Healing Threads Break-Away Pants is a versatile hospital pants with soft closures on the outside of each leg. You can unwrap the part as needed to expose as little or as much of the person’s back as necessary.

This hospital robe is ideal for patients that will undergo any type of lower body operation including hip, knee, leg or ankle surgery. It is available in various colors and the fabric is extremely soft that can be washed and dried in your own home.

You can visit their website to appreciate the product and to order online.

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