Friday, September 5, 2008

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I am always in the lookout for new gadgets and electronic devices in the internet. I always browse through different online stores in the US to check the newly released electronic devices in the market. However, I always ended up just admiring the product as I can not purchase it for the following reasons: most US retailers will not ship internationally (if they did they charge exorbitant shipping rates) and some will only accept US credit cards.

Most of the time, I just ask a friend or a relative in the US to purchase the product and bring it with them when they return to the country. But the process took too long and with unnecessary hassles.

The good news is, I just found a solution for this shopping dilemma. We can now shop at US online stores and have the package delivered to anywhere in the world. You can now enjoy shopping and great savings without having to pay high shipping rates.

Access USA’s package forwarding service brings the price and selection advantage of U.S. online retail stores right to your doorsteps anywhere in the world. You can now eliminate the hassles of purchasing items in US online stores. Just get your’s address in America and use it to shop online so you can receive your packages even if you’re overseas. They also accept major credit cards from international banks as well as wire transfers so there will be no problems paying your purchases.

For more information just visit website. Sign up for the service and start your online shopping now!

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Marilyn said...

Another international shipping option is
I have been very happy with their service the past year.
Great rates, website, live chat, etc


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