Sunday, September 28, 2008

New look.

After grueling days of working with html codes, my blog is finally sporting a new layout. It didn’t take me much time to decide what to use as a template, it’s been a while when I decided that I would love a three-column layout for my blog. It’s just that I understand that changing my layout would require too much time. Besides, I’m not really good with web design and it scares me to mess up my blog.

However, it was fun working and designing this layout especially when you are already looking at the fruits of your labor. I learn new things through trial-and-error and I was amazed with the changes that I can really do with my blog. I’m actually looking forward to dress up my other blog.

By the way, I would like to mention that my template was from Pannasmontata, a template designer from Italy. I made some minor modifications and I needed to tweak the header and changed the image.

I spent much time rebuilding my blog list but in case I missed out on your link, I apologize and I assure you that it is not intentional. If that will be the case, kindly buzz me so I can rectify the mistake.

I hope you like this layout as much as I love it…. Happy blogging to all!


anneberly said...

nice new layout Leomar .. Keep it up
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Shawie said...

it looked nice! I had the same problem too before and I learned a lot from that html thing, lol!


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