Friday, September 5, 2008

Pinoys out to set Guinness record for longest beer bar.

Local beer lovers thronged to Ortigas Friday night as the country attempts to break the world record for setting up the longest beer bar in the world in line with the San Miguel Corporation’s Oktoberfest celebration in Manila.

Free beers were offered to partygoers and beer drinkers on 200 bars set up from San Miguel Ave. to St. Francis in Mandaluyong. This setup was measured at around 600 meters, 360 meters longer than the record set in Taiwan, the current Guinness record-holder.

The Philippines will also attempt to set the Guinness record for most number of people toasting for a beer event.

Organizers said that aside from free beers, thousands of Friday’s "beer troopers" will be treated to a free concert where at least 40 rock bands are scheduled to play. The main feature presents alternative rock band Third Eye Blind.

Fireworks display at the party site also highlights the event.

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